Publishing Overview

Total Publishing & Media truly enjoys finding that “gem in the rough,” polishing it, then showing it off to the world. From ghostwriting and editing, to design, printing and distribution, Total Publishing & Media has a team of top-quality publishing veterans working on each step of the process. We can make your dreams of getting published a reality.

After reviewing your submission and platform, and if your book is accepted by Total Publishing & Media, we will offer one of the following publishing agreements for your consideration:

Traditional Publishing

We cover 100% of the financial cost of the writing, publishing, marketing and distribution of the book. We create a publicity campaign and set up events for the author to promote his/her book, including book signings, radio interviews, television interviews, promotional releases, retail, internet placement and much more, all at no cost to the author. The author would receive royalties on all book sales.


We partner with the author financially and work hand-in-hand on the development, publishing, marketing and distribution of the book, sharing in the sales and royalties. The same services are performed in Traditional Publishing.

Author Assisted Self-Publishing

We use our author development program with step-by-step publishing guidelines. We assist the author with our team of professionals with writing or ghost writing, editing and publishing his/her book. We use the same level of professionals as traditional publishing to assist the author with realizing his/her dream of publishing a book. We can also assist the author with marketing, placement and distribution of the book. The author maintains all ownership and royalties.

Publishing Packages Starting At $399