Editorial Services

Editorial Critique

An editor will review your manuscript, providing feedback that will allow you to update your script and have the knowledge that your book is up to the standards of any traditionally published work.

The editor will provide additional recommendations with regard to the level of edit that the manuscript could benefit from; proofread, copyedit, or substantial edit. These services truly add a professional touch to your manuscript.

Remember, that everything our editors recommend are based solely upon their opinions and expertise—you may follow their comments to the letter, incorporate some, or reject them all. It’s your work and your decision.

Copy Edit

Copyediting is one of the most important services that can be utilized. Copyediting takes your book to the next level and adds an industry standard appearance to the content. Keep in mind, even the best copyeditor may miss a few things, so it is important that you give your manuscript a careful read after copyedit as well.

In addition to what is required to be done in proofreading, this covers more detail, like eliminating wordiness, repetition, making suggestions to improve clarity and quality of language, making formatting consistent, and correcting inconsistencies on a larger scale. Consistency is the major goal!

The editor queries the author, work is suggested by the editor, with major rewriting performed by the author and minor rewording completed by the editor.

Please Note: Copyedit does not include Scripture or endnote checks, nor checking the accuracy of Greek, Hebrew, or any other foreign language text. Author is responsible for checking the accuracy of all Scripture verses, endnotes, and foreign language text before submission.


For your book to be read and understood, you need to ensure that you use clear and correct language. Incorrect grammar and punctuation, pesky typos, and spelling mistakes can detract from the overall purpose of your book.

Proofreading covers the basics: spelling, grammatical usage, composition, and minor inconsistencies. Essentially, this means finding the mistake so you are not embarrassed.


Recorded messages submitted are transcribed to a Word document. No editing provided at this stage. Media supported: cassettes, cds, .mp3, .wav, DVDs, and VHS.

Data Entry

Printed, written, or typed text (on paper) is entered into a Word document and sent to you for review and comparison to your original notes. No editing is done at this stage, but additional editorial services may be purchased.

Marketing Cover Copy

The cover of your book is one of the most important sales tools you have to “hook” potential buyers. The words used on the cover of a book are the keys to closing your sale. Our marketing staff will provide complete development and writing services for both your back cover copy and your author biography.

Copyright Package

We offer the service of registering your book with the United States Copyright Office in your name. Our staff will fill out the necessary forms through the Library of Congress. We will mail in the copies of your work along with the filing fee. Our staff is on hand to alleviate any concerns you have with the process.

Advanced Interior Upgrade

This can be a fully custom interior design and typeset. If you want borders on each page, extensive graphics, pictures, illustrations, or quote boxes reflecting quotes from the text, then this is the option for you.